Kim Kardashian Hollywood – Explore Game Tips

When it comes to experience the life of a Hollywood star, then nothing can beat Kim Kardashian to lead in the thoughts of the people. It is why the Glu Games has come up with this fantastic game, Kim Kardashian Hollywood that lets you experience life before being a Hollywood celebrity. The has captivated the hearts of so many people that it has become the third most free-to-play game to be downloaded from Apple’s United States store. Talking about the earning, then it has already made it to 200 million dollars through in-app purchases, which is not bad.  

However, if you think about whether the game is free to play or not then yes it is, but there are some lavish in-app purchases that you can go for to progress faster in the game. But the option doesn’t seem that good for everyone. For that reason, you guys can try the Kim Kardashian Hollywood cheats to get an unlimited amount of funds so that you can also speed-up your progress. So, for now, let’s stick to the features of the game and tasks that you can perform here.


The main storyline starts with choosing a character as per your likings. The particular character will be your avatar in the game, and you will have a strong passion for becoming a Hollywood star, and in this, the Kim Kardashian the beauty guru and a Hollywood celebrity will herself help you. Meanwhile, in the gameplay, you will meet several characters. They will tell you what you have to do not completely; instead, they are just going to give you a set of goals that you will require completing. After you accomplish the goal, you will be rewarded and leveled up to the next part of the game.

Meeting new people

In the game, you seriously can have a real-time experience. For example, whenever you will hang out, then there will be several people with whom you can interact and form a network. On top of that, you can go on a date with some hotties out there as well.  Adding people to your contact list is essential as it plays a significant role in your fame. However, hanging out will cost you some cash in the game which if you don’t have, then first earn it or get it from or grab it through the Kim Kardashian Hollywood hack.

So, now you can enjoy the life of a Hollywood star with Kim Kardashian, the Hollywood most controversial celebrity herself. Good luck and become the A list Celebrity.

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